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Md5Checker 3.1 is released
Sunday, 14 October 2007 12:40

What's new in version 3.1:

  • New: 'Add Options' dialog for command line and drag-and-drop file adding (Default is hidden, hold the Shift key down to show)
  • New: 'Folder context menu' option
  • New: 'Hide dialogs' option
  • New: Self-check command
  • Improved: Use Save and Default buttons instead of 'Save settings' check box in the 'Add Options' dialog
  • Improved: Added Homepage and Download links in the About dialog
  • Fixed: Md5Checker may crash when adding files/folders via command line
  • Updated: URL of the online help
  • Updated: 'Checking in low priority' option is off by default
  • Minor improvements and fixes

Since version 3.0.1 introduced a new bug - Md5Checker may crash when adding files/folders via command line, I recommend you to use this bug fixed version, plus there are many improvements and new features.

This is a Release Candidate (RC) version. I already did lots of test around, but I could not promise there is no bug. If you find any bug, or you have any suggestion, please leave a comment here. I will appreciate that.