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Md5Checker 3.2 ( is released
Wednesday, 14 November 2007 15:55

What's new in version 3.2:

  • New: 'Code page' option
  • New: 'Add to Send To menu' option
  • Improve: Add files in background
  • Fix: Load MD5 checksum of file from MD5 file will clear its calculated MD5 checksum
  • Fix: No new line character is written when save md5 item if its path contains characters that system code page cannot recognize
  • Fix: Could not discard saved MD5 checksum of md5 item if its path is a folder
  • Fix: Height of dropdown list is too narrow in the Win9x version
  • Update: 'Folder context menu' option -> 'Add to Shell context menu', work for both folders and files
  • Update: 'Checking in low priority' option -> 'Work in low priority', work for both adding and checking
  • Update: Removed Adding File dialog. (Use Stop button to stop adding)
  • Update: Removed Unicode features from the Win9x version (Not supported)

Code page:
Md5Checker uses system's standards and formats setting to convert between Unicode and MBCS when save/load by default. If there are any characters your system setting cannot recognize, the path of file will not be saved/loaded correctly.
In Md5Checker 3.2, you can select an appropriate code page in the Options dialog, and do not have to change the system setting to suit every software.

Send To menu:
Send To menu is a convenient way to add a few files into a program. For instance, if you select multiple files in the Explorer and right click, and then select the context menu item - Check in Md5Checker, Explorer will launch multiple instance of Md5Checker like this: Md5Checker file1, Md5Checker file2... But if you use the Send To menu, Explorer will launch one instance of Md5Checker and pass these files to it like this: Md5Checker file1 file2...
Using Send To menu has one weakness - cannot add lots of files at one time, because the system has a command line length limitation. But don't worry, you can always use Add command or drag-and-drop to add lots of files.

Any comments from you regarding bug reports for Md5Checker are greatly appreciated.