Latest Version: 3.3

What is Md5Checker?

Md5Checker is a free, faster, lightweight and easy-to-use tool to manage, calculate and verify MD5 checksum of multiple files/folders (Screenshots):

  • Calculate and display MD5 checksum of multiple files at one time.
  • Use MD5 checksum to fleetly verify whether files have been changed.
  • Load, save, add, remove and update MD5 checksum conveniently.
  • It is about 300 KB and does not require any installation (portable).

What is MD5 checksum?

MD5 checksum (MD5 hash) is a type of digests of files. It will become totally different if any modification has been made to the file, even a byte.

Why should I use Md5Checker?

  1. To verify the integrity of downloaded files: With Md5Checker, user can calculate MD5 checksum of downloaded files and compare them with provided when downloading via HTTP, FTP, P2P, etc.
  2. To detect unknown viruses: Only-for-existing-viruses DB based anti-virus programs can rarely detect all emerged new (i.e. not in the DB) viruses in time. As a supplement, Md5Checker checks whether files are original. By that user can detect any change of file including virus infection.
  3. To make sure that the installation files are secure: System will be re-infected by viruses time and again while reinstalling software if the installation file had been infected. To avoid this, Md5Checker user can calculate and save the MD5 checksum right after downloaded/copied installation files, i.e. make sure these files are original (This step can be skipped if there are MD5 checksum downloaded/copied along with these files), and verify these files again upon using them.
  4. To make sure that files in a removable storage device are secure: In order to avoid bringing in viruses from using the removable storage device, Md5Checker user can calculate, save MD5 checksum in advance and verify files afterwards in the device. It is also a good idea to copy Md5Checker into the device to be able to check files anywhere and anytime. Note: Don’t forget to check the copied Md5Checker.
  5. To check out the security status of the system: It will indicate that the system was infected if the MD5 checksum of one executable file was changed without any action.
  6. To find out the virus source: It will indicate that one executable file is the virus source if the MD5 checksum of other several executable files have changed unexpectedly after executed this file.
  7. To calculate MD5 checksum for publishing: File distributors and software authors can use Md5Checker to calculate MD5 checksum of their files and publish them on the website.