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How to add files/open MD5 files? ^TOC

  1. Use Add command (menu item or toolbar button)
  2. Or drag-and-drop files/folders to main window
  3. Or use paths as command line parameters to launch Md5Checker
  4. Md5Checker can be integrated with the Shell, check out the Options > Integration

How to include only specific types of files while adding folders? ^TOC

  1. In Options dialog, fill out the Add folders options
  2. Or fill out these settings in the Open File dialog upon adding

How to calculate MD5 hashes of files? ^TOC

  1. Add files you want to calculate their MD5 hashes
  2. Use Start command (menu item or toolbar button)
  3. Waiting until all Unknown md5 items get checked

How to understand states of md5 items? ^TOC

  • Not available (N/A): Invalid file path, file is missing or inaccessible
  • Unknown: Current MD5 hash of file has not been calculated
  • New: File only has current MD5 hash
  • Failed: Current MD5 hash of file is different than saved MD5 hash
  • Passed: Current MD5 hash of file is equal to saved MD5 hash

How to recheck N/A md5 items to see if they are available now? ^TOC
Just check files again, every N/A md5 item will be rechecked

How to verify files? ^TOC
Add the .md5 file which includes all md5 items of files you want to verify, these md5 items will be loaded and verified

How to save New md5 items? ^TOC
Just use Save/Save To command

How to discard New md5 items? ^TOC

  1. Just exit Md5Checker
  2. Or remove them before saving

How to update Failed md5 items? ^TOC
Just use Save/Save To command

How to discard Failed md5 items? ^TOC

  1. Just exist Md5Checker
  2. Or remove them before saving

How to remove saved md5 items from .md5 files? ^TOC

  1. Load md5 items from existing .md5 files
  2. Select md5 items you want to remove
  3. Use Discarded command (menu item) to make them discarded
  4. Save

Note: If you loaded md5 items from file A, discard them and save the result into file B, md5 items in file A will not be removed

How to save md5 items per folders? ^TOC
Just use Save command

How to save/create MD5 file for each file? ^TOC
Just use Save Each command

How to save md5 items to one .md5 file? ^TOC
Just use Save To command
It is useful for: There are inaccessible target folders for Save command; Save MD5 hashes of files under multiple sub-folders into a parent folder, and you can check all of them by one double click next time


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